The Future of Media Literacy Education in United States Classrooms

What a journey this has been!

When given a variety of options to choose what to produce for a final product in this course, I was naturally drawn to the research paper option. I have become incredibly captivated by this field and, although I have learned so much this semester, there is a lot left for me learn.  A research paper, I determined, would enable me to connect the content from this course with additional areas of the field to provide me with a deeper understanding, and ideas for future research.

After learning about all the benefits to media education, I couldn’t help but wonder by programs are not wide-spread throughout K-12 schools in the United States. To help me understand this issue, I focused my research on the future of media literacy education in the U.S., with a particular emphasis on the obstacles that limit its adoption.

I hope you enjoy reading about my findings! Please click the link below.

Research Paper EDC534


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